Scribble: A Pen that Draws in any Colour

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Scribble. A pen that draws in any colour. Too good to be true. Their websites claim to have a pen that can reproduce any colour by mixing a few base colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and “white”) together. However, information about how the mixing occurs and how long it takes for the intended colour to reach the nib is scarce. Outputting arbitrary colours from the same nib is a huge technical hurdle because the previous colour has to be flushed out of the nib before the new colour can be used. Not to mention, faithfully capturing and reproducing colours is enormously challenging. Like how many of the comments on their Kickstarter campaign have suggested, Scribble looks like an elaborate scam. Even the video looks like it has been doctored.

Scammers will squeeze their way into anything to make a few quick bucks. There are many other bogus crowd funded projects that have come and gone;  the same old snake oil and laundry ball products but reinvented for the digital age. People need to look past the slick websites and videos and protect themselves with a bit of scientific knowledge and enquiry. Relying on “customer reviews” or “customer endorsements” on their websites is a quick way to being scammed. Do you really think a company would mention unfavourable reviews? No company would spend time to update the reviews on a frequent basis and it is probably easier to fabricate the reviews. Assuming that a project is legitimate because other people have thrown money at is also another quick way to being scammed.

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