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Yo Yo YoYo Yo (Zero characters communication)

If you haven’t heard, there’s a simple app that allows you to easily annoying your friends. It’s called Yo. The interface is nice and simple. You have a list of friends and, to say Yo to them, you just tap their name. To say YoYo, you just double tap their name. That’s it! You can’t add a short message to give the Yo a bit of context. The functionality of Yo is similar to:

  • Nudging from the MSN days;
  • Texting “Yo” on your phone;
  • Poking in FaceBook; or
  • Shouting out your friend’s name.

Apparently, Yo was made by a Mobli developer because their CEO wanted a specialised app that would allow him to call his PA with a single button. I wonder if the CEO knew about the quick dial feature on his phone. How hard would it be to send a text? At least it only took 8 hours to create Yo (with complimentary security flaws).

If you own a business and you still like the idea of Yo, you can try out their API to send some context-free Yo’s to your customers. Let your customers Yo you back with indiscernible questions, sale enquires, or feedback.


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